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Milwaukee Lakefront Venue - War Memorial Center

We recently got reconnected to this city’s landmark, the War Memorial Center. You know it, it’s right off Lincoln Memorial Drive, next to the Art Museum, and the beautiful lakefront.

This place is like an acquaintance. We know about them but do we really know everything that makes them unique? We are here to tell you a bit about this hidden gem but recommend going to check them out yourself - especially if you are looking for a lakefront venue at an affordable price.

The location is perfect for someone looking to be by the lake with the ease of downtown access. The price is affordable for all day rental of the whole space, including the outdoor plaza, indoor mezzanine, separate bridal and groom areas for getting ready, and a large reception room that holds up to 300 for dinner.

The War Memorial Center’s outdoor space is one of the ways in which this venue truly shines. It’s a huge, raised plaza overlooking the lake, but turn to your right and you have views of the Art Museum’s Calatrava (seriously, stunning!). In the other direction, you have a stunning view of the city sitting on the bluff with all its urban architecture.

The plaza is also the perfect place for your outdoor ceremony along with a mixed indoor and outdoor cocktail hour with the mezzanine. Your guests can wander about taking in the natural beauty and architecture around them.

A nice part about it too is that it sits above the park system so it keeps your event private within such a public space.

With the rental fee, the whole space is yours for the afternoon/evening, and its three different areas facilitate guests moving from ceremony to cocktail hour to reception seamlessly. Besides simply having that much space to accommodate guests, it makes determining an inclement weather plan trouble-free.

Possibly best of all is that so many amenities are all-inclusive, including tables, chairs, dance floor, specialty indoor lighting, portable outdoor sound system plus an indoor sound system, screens, projectors, parking, and more. All of those items included make it less complicated for your vendors and ultimately you!

We highly suggest the War Memorial Center for your lakefront wedding! Check out the photos below.

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